Sculptural and functional forms


Date : January 2016
Material : Pink polyurethane, Eucalyptus, matte black oil
Dimensions : 630 X 560 X 700MM

The pink resin chair was inspired by the "Cross-Easy-Chair" by Pierre Jeanneret originally made from teak and cane work. Designed in India for the building Chandigarh in 1955. A collection of chairs were designed with the use of basic tools available; forming a robust and simple design style.

The Pink-Resin-Chair uses a similar double 'X' geometry as the Cross-Easy-Chair. The type of joints and construction have shifted fore-mostly due to using pink resin for the seat and secondly large mitres on the armrest give it a slightly more angular, contemporary effect. The contrast of material, texture and colour bring a new dimension to the chair.