Sculptural and functional forms

DIP Part 02 Portfolio



Aims of the Project: On an urban scale I aim to reconnect the tourist trade with the local community. It is vital that the local community interact with the towns’ greatest asset. This can be devised through opening new routes and views into the excavation site. The current edge condition is severe due to the depth of the excavation plus high walls that aim to protect it from outsiders. The Northwest corner closest to the town centre has already been prepared for a new excavation, due to the recent demolition of contemporary buildings. With this new excavation envisaged it could also act as an exit from the site directing tourist towards the town centre whilst being the connecting point for a circulative route around the excavation. Two very important buildings lie unexcavated in this area, the Basilica and the Forum. I aim to excavate these two buildings turning them into public spaces, increasing tourist trade and bridging the gap between both cities releasing social tensions.

Temporary/Interim Architecture: The archaeological process of excavating the Forum and Basilica will define core elements in the design. The project aims to create a link between archaeology and architecture, using the pyroclastic material, excavation equipment and the Roman ruins to create spaces that express the history by juxtaposing the two cities. The method of excavation will play an important role; the ruins below will define its geometry, whilst being sympathetic to the current residential buildings that surround the site. The equipment used will leave traces in the inhabitation phase of the project expressing the method of excavation. The inhabitation phase will consist of temporary architectural elements such as steps, paths, platforms and bridges these elements will sit lightly of the pryoclastic material and attempt to harmonise with the Forum and Basilica. The elements will give a sense of permanence to the area, but can be easily removed for further excavation, whilst leaving minimal trace to the site.